Jan 27, 2012

Contentype in Sharepoint 2010 using visual studio 2010 - Second Part

How to use the Content Type:

To use the content type developed in First part we will create a document library with the name of devendra.
Go to Site Actions-->View All site Content--> Create-->Select Library-->Select Document Library.

Enter a Name. Click on Create, a document library will get created. Select the Library which you create click on Library settings.

Click on Advanced settings.

Check Allow management of content type to Yes

In the below screen you can see the option Add from existing content types.

Select the content type which we created and Click on add.

To make the content type added to be default click on Change new button order and the default content type.

Only check the content type you developed or change the position to 1.here I am just checking the DevendraContentType.

Go to the document library; click on Add Document .see the Grade column with choice values.

The document has been added to library. To get Grade column to be displayed in the default view.

Go to library settings and click on All Documents under Views.

Check the Grade column.

Now you can see the Grade under default view.

you are done with associating content type developed using visual studio 2010 to document library.

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