Jan 18, 2012

out of box workflows in sharepoint

Three-state workflow
This workflow having states like Active, Ready for Review,and Complete. This workflow can be customized and used in other lists or in custom SharePoint lists, and the names of the three states are configurable.

Approval workflow
This work flow can happen serial or parallel order.
Example: submitter submits the document, and the participants gets email alert.they may reject or approve the document and enter the reason.

Collect Feedback workflow
The Collect Feedback workflow gives submitter the ability to acquire feedback for their peers on the status of the submitted document. This workflow sends the document to the specified team members and contribute their feedback on the document. After it has circulated through the team, the feedback is compiled and the submitter is notified.

Collect Signatures workflow
An alternative to the Approval workflow where the approval process makes no
changes to the document, the Collect Signatures workflow will require each approver to place a digital signature on the document. After those signatures have been acquired through the workflow, you can take the document off line and the approval will still be recognizable. Note that this workflow can only be initiated from the Office Tools for building custom SharePoint workflows 15 client, such as Microsoft Office Word. It cannot be initiated from the browser like other workflows can.

Disposition Approval workflow
This workflow allows you to manage document expiration and retention. This enables you to decide what will happen to documents when they expire. A possible option,instead of deleting a document, is to archive it and send email notifications.

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  1. Interesting one. I was just aware about the first two types of workflows in SharePoint. You have mentioned all the types with a short description which is of great help. Thanks.
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