Feb 3, 2012

List WorkFlow Vs Reusable WokFlow Vs Site WorkFlow

Hello guys..

Today we will discuss about the differences between the List Workflow Vs reusable Workflow vs Site Workflow.

List Workflow:Associated with one particular List

in the below screen you can this associated with List called:DevendraList
observe the Ribbon few options are disabled we will discuss in Reusable workflow.

1.can't publish it globally.
2.can't save it as template .
2.can't associate to any content type.

check the start options available for List workflow from SharePoint designer.

Reusable Workflow:Associate to Content Type.so it is reusable.you can attach it to any list or library.

we can publish the Reusable workflow Globally .
Save it is as Template ,it will create the WSP file.
we can associate to Content type.

check the start options available for Reusable workflow from SharePoint designer.
you can disable the workflow option.

Site Work Flow::you can run anywhere in the site .

check the start options available for Site workflow from SharePoint designer.
Site workflow can be always started manually.


  1. Quick question, when I am writing (my first) reusable workflow, I can't find list columns in conditions. I have different set of status and want to run workflow based on the value of this status. However, when I do the condition, set field to value, in the field I can find this status or any other list column.

    Is this because it is a reusable workflow and have to be created for geraric list items or am I missing some thing?

    1. You might have to add the columns that you need by clicking on "Association Columns" under the ribbon. After you add the columns you should be able to add them inside your condition.

      Hope this helps!

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  3. what is the minimum permission I can give to the user to create Reusable workflow. I do not wish to give them Site Collection Administrator permission.

  4. Reusable workflows are indeed great, however the big downside is that if your reusable workflow is associated with a custom content type, when you migrate it, it becomes an unusable workflow

  5. So, if the content type is migrated the associated workflow becomes useless?

  6. I'm just starting out on SPD 2013 workflows (transitioning from SPD 2007) and it seems that reusable workflows are preferred over list workflows. Is that a fair statement?

    In which situations would a list workflow be the recommended solution?

    1. The answer about what to choose solely depends on the purpose and the actions the workflow does and is intended to do. If your workflow only does tasks that happen to only a certain list and it's columns (that are only specific to that list), I suggest you to go with a list workflow. If on the otherhand your workflow will have more global usage for example update user rights etc. that are always based on a certain association cell or none, then go with reusable workflow. Usually a good question how to choose is "is you workflow going to be accessing any list columns that are not workflow association colmns?": if "yes" -> list workflow, else reusable workflow.

  7. How to use Reusable workflow into the another site collection ? will you please tell me the procedure.