Nov 22, 2012

How to create SharePoint hosted App in SharePoint 2013

In this Article we will walk through on how to create SharePoint hosted App.
Before that why Apps has been introduced in SharePoint 2013. There are basically few reasons.

  1.  There are lot of custom solutions (not properly written or without using best practices) which developed by user are causing the issues and making SharePoint farm unavailable for the users.  From the Introduction of MOSS 2007, developers started developing lot of custom solutions so that it will meet various criteria of them.  While writing them most of developers unable to write beat custom solutions which will be running successfully in SharePoint Environment.  So in SharePoint 2010 new feature called sandbox solutions has been introduced. To move ahead in SharePoint 2013 Apps has come in picture.
  2.  With SharePoint 2013 Apps development migration will be easier. Because if there is less number of custom solutions in your SharePoint farm means the upgrade will be much smoother. If you have worked on migration before them you will feel that this Apps introduction is great.
  3. Future is all about apps so Microsoft started calling everything (List, library …) called as Ap
 OK. Let’s start developing our App in SharePoint 2013. In this example I am selecting hosting model as SharePoint hosted.

Step 1: Open Visual studio --> create New Project

Select Apps under office/SharePoint, choose .Net frame work as 4.5 and select Apps for SharePoint 2013. You may be wondering why I am not getting this option even though I have Visual studio 2012 installed on my machine. Don’t worry please check here you will get to know what needs to done to get templates for developing SharePoint 2013.

 Enter the SharePoint site URL and click on validate, it will show message as connection successful.
Select “SharePoint-hosted” under how do you want to host your app for SharePoint .Click Finish. You have created first project in Visual studio 2012.

Right click on the project and select deploy.

 Go to SharePoint site and click on “site contents”.

You can see the app you have been deployed here. Click on that, it will prompt for the credentials. Please enter the same.
You can the URL of the app is different from the SharePoint, so the app is running in different domain that the SharePoint site. so if there is any issue with App SharePoint farm will not get impacted.

Congratulations you have developed your first app in SharePoint 2013.

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