Nov 20, 2012

IIS 8.0 Vs IIS 7.0

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In this Article we will see what are the differences between IIS 8.0 and IIS 7.0 . There are quite number new features which has been added in IIS 8.0 compared to IIS 7.0

1.In  IIS 8.0  we have Dynamic IP restrictions where as in IIS 7.0 we have only Static IP restrictions

2.IIS 8.0 we have FTP logon attempt restrictions by using this we can block IP address dynamically that will flood the server with failures so that we can prevent script-kiddie and brute-force attacks . where as in IIS 7.0  we need to block the IP address manually.

3.In IIS 8.0 we have Centralized certificate store where as in IIS 7.0 we have local certificates.

4. IIS 8.0 supports Server Name Indication where as IIS 7.0 doesnot support it. 

finally CPU throttling feature has been enhanced like it supports now Throttling can be done based on CPU usage,Under load and Terminating IIS worker Process.

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